The Biedermeier Room

The Biedermeier Room is located on the ground floor of the Gerstlhaus. In the past, this room acted as the living room for the family, where the children were homeschooled privately. The room shows English books, lexicons and sheet music that are older than 100 years.

Today, the Biedermeier Room forms the western part of the museum, which name is derived from its furniture form the late Biedermeier periode (1815 – 1848). The room consists of an entrance with an occasional table, an original tiled stove, a living room table and seating furniture as well as noble antiquarian dishes in glas cabinets which conveys the impression as the room would still be used for its original purpose.

As the main eye catcher, the room presents the originally restored fortepiano by the famous piano maker, Anton Walter. This instrument, created in 1814, acts as the center of continually holden concerts, through which visitors are taken to trips into the past released by the outstanding atmosphere and sound experiences.