Lebenswelt – Welfare Institution

After Laura Gerstl passed away in 1977, her three nieces inherited the Gerstlhaus. One of them was the mother of Prim. Dr. Johannes Fellinger, who she passed the house for the implementation of the pioneering project “Lebenswelt Schenkenfelden”, a unique welfare institution and workplace for people with disabilities.

Since 1998, the house is in the custody of the convent “Barmherzige Brüder” in Linz, who founded “Lebens- und Arbeitswelt” in Schenkenfelden, a protected workplace for people with multible disabilities.

The clients, who are deaf or blind-deaf, continually surprise with gorgeous and novel self-made works. A part of the collection is exhibited in the museum and can be acquired.

Lebenswelt Products in the Museum Store