The Gerstlhaus Museum in Schenkenfelden, Upper Austria, shows an antiquarian store from the early 19th century including all typical requisites and sales items. The museum illustrates how modest needs once could be met by a single store providing food, household goods, tools and agricultural machines completed by an original post office dating back to the former Austrian-Hungarian empire as well as a tobacconist’s store from 1869.

Opening Hours of the Museum

Our museum opens from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm on the following days with possible tours starting at 3.00 pm:

Sunday, 16th June 2024
Sunday, 21st July 2024
Sunday, 18th August 2024
Sunday, 15th September 2024

For visits and tours beyond the given dates please contact our chairman,
Ernst Winkler:
+43 (0)660 1209977

The rural Biedermeier Room of the Gerstlhaus acts as an event location for concerts, exhibitions and readings. Here you can find our special treasure, a fortepiano created by Anton Walter, the famous piano maker, in 1814.

The Gerstlhaus is also part of the integration project “Lebenswelt Schenkenfelden”, where the convent hospital “Barmherzige Brüder” provides a workplace for deaf people and people with other disabilities.

The Gerstlhaus is therefore a unique combination of a protected workshop and a lively museum! All handworked goods can be acquired in the antiquarian store-museum.

The Gerstlhaus Association
(Verein Kärmereimuseum Gerstlhaus)

Our concerts in the Biedermeier Room are part of the event series of the Gerstlhaus Association, a group of volunteers who maintane and enliven the house and also connect it to the adjacent welfare working place of Barmherzige Brüder in Linz. This includes the Biedermeier Room with its unique fortepiano, the store-based museum and the old post office with the respective exhibits.

In case you become attracted to our house, its unique atmosphere and its work, we warmly invite you to join our association. With an annual contribution of € 9 you are able to not only support our events beyond your personal concert visits, but also to maintain our museum and keep it as a rare jewel.

Application to the museum association (in German):

The Gerstlhaus Museum in Schenkenfelden is a member of the Mühlviertler Museumstrasse, which is a community of museums and exhibitions who invite visitors to a trip into the past.