A Supermarket From Past Times

The antiquarian store, which is 150 years old at least, presents inventories and exhibits dating back 70 years and more. It contains only goods and utilities that had been traditionally sold until 1953.

  • Textiles
  • Haberdashery (binders, laces, buttons, twines etc.)
  • Tools (scythes, rakes, drillers, hardware etc.)
  • Household appliances, dishes and drinking glasses
  • School and stationery items
  • Toys
  • Drugstore items (washing powder, soap, toilet paper etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals (herb oils, etc.)
  • Food (sugar, flour, semolina, potatoes etc.)
  • Colonial goods (tea, cocoa, rum, olives, lemons)
  • Petrol lamps (cylindric and with wicks) in large amounts, as in Schenkenfelden electrification started not before 1954